Complete quotations of authors whose names start with U

  • Unamuno, y Jugo de Miguel

    1. What is FATE, what is FATALITY, but the brotherhood of LOVE and SUFFERING? What is it but that terrible mystery, in virtue of which LOVE dies as soon as it touches the HAPPINESS towards which it reaches out, and true happiness dies with it? Love and suffering mutually engender one another, and love is CHARITY and COMPASSION, and the love that is not CHARITABLE and COMPASSIONATE is not love. Love, in a word, is RESIGNED DESPAIR.
    2. MAN is said to be a REASONING animal. I do not know why he has not been defined as an AFFECTIVE or FEELING animal. Perhaps that which differentiates him from other animals is FEELING rather than REASON. More often I have seen a crab REASON than laugh and weep. Perhaps is weeps or laughs INWARDLY - but then perhaps, also INWARDLY, the crab resolves equations of the second degree.
    3. MORAL TRUTH, the road that leads to INTELLECTUAL TRUTH, which also is MORAL, inculcates the study of SCIENCE, which is over and above all a school of SINCERITY and HUMILITY. SCIENCE teaches us, in effect, to submit our REASON to the TRUTH and to KNOW and JUDGE of THINGS as they are - that is to say, as THEY THEMSELVES CHOOSE to be and not as we would have them be. In a RELIGIOUSLY SCIENTIFIC investigation, it is the data of reality themselves, it is the perceptions which we receive from the outside world, that formulate themselves in our mind as laws - it is not we ourselves who thus formulate them. It is the number themselves which in our mind create MATHEMATICS. SCIENCE is the most intimate school of RESIGNATION and HUMILITY, for it teaches us to bow before the seemingly most INSIGNIFICANT facts. And it is the gateway to RELIGION; but within the temple itself the function ceases.
    4. It is not usually our IDEAS that make us OPTIMISTIC and PESSIMISTIC, but it is our OPTIMISM or our PESSIMISM, of PHYSIOLOGICAL or perhaps PATHOLOGICAL origin, as much the one as the other, that makes our IDEAS.
    5. It is LOVE that reveals to us the ETERNAL in us and in our neighbours.
    6. SCIENCE is a CEMETERY of DEAD IDEAS, even though LIFE may issue from them.
    7. True SCIENCE teaches, above all, to DOUBT, and to be IGNORANT.
    8. To BELIEVE in GOD is to DESIRE His existence, and what is more, to ACT as though He existed.

  • Unwin,Sir Stanley

    Much is written of the power of the PRESS, a power which may last but a day; by comparison, little is heard of the POWER of BOOKS, which may endure for generations.

  • Upanishad, Chandoyga

    There is a LIGHT that shines beyond all things an earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the LIGHT that shines in our HEART.

  • Upanishad, Mundaka

    Two birds
          inseparable companions
          perch on the same tree.
    One eats the fruit,
          the other looks on.
    The first bird is our INDIVIDUAL SELF,
          feeding on the pleasures and pains of the world;
       The other is the UNIVERSAL SELF,

  • Updike, John

    1. Every second, hundreds of billions of these NEUTRINOS pass through each square inch of our bodies, coming from above during the day and from below at night, when the sun is shining on the other side of the earth!
    2. NEUTRINOS, they are very small.
      	They have no charge and have no mass
      And do not interact at all.
      The Earth is just a silly ball
      	To them. Through which they simply pass,
      Like dust maids down a drafty hall
      	Or PHOTONS through a sheet of glass.
      	They scrub the most exquisite gas,
      Ignore the most substantial wall,	Cold-shoulder steel and sounding brass,
      Insult the stallion in his stall,
      	And, scorning barriers of class,
      Infiltrate you and me! Like tall
      And painless guillotines, they fall
      Down through our heads into the grass.
      At night, the enter at Nepal
      And piece the lover and his lass
      From beneath the bed - you call
      	It wonderful; I call it crass.

  • Urey, Harold Clayton

    One WORLD or NONE