Numbers and Functions

Based on Dr. Artur Morgenstern's book "Number and function", Ferdinand Hirt in Breslau 1933.


Number symbols   Relative numbers   Powers with positive and negative exponents   Slide rule
General numbers   Function   Graph of y = axn   Parallel displacement and the functions of parabolic and hyperbolic growth
Calculation with general numbers   Graphical representation of the function y = mx   y = axn and y = a/xn, the functions of direct and indirect proportionality of higher order   Quadratic equations
Powers   Meaning of the constant m in y = mx   Concept of root   Graphical solution of quadratic equations
Checking results   Direct proportionality function   Determination of square root    Solution of special equations in one unknown
Symbols and valid digits   More proportionality   Irrational numbers   Tan function
Equations   Functional method for several variables   Positive and negative numbers under the root sign   Trigonometric functions
Calculations with sums and differences   Inverse proportionality   Root function as the inverse of the power function   Selected values of the trigonometric functions
Fractions   Graphics of general linear function   Arithmetic with roots   Relations between trigonometric functions
History of fractions   Uniform growth   Powers with fractional exponents   Triangle with right angle
Zero   Graphical solution of equations   Exponential function   Angles, positive and negative 
Positive and negative numbers    Numerical solution of linear equations in two unknowns   Logarithm   Trigonometric functions, extension to arbitrary angles
Text equations   Linear equations with more than two unknown   The logarithmic function as the inverse of the exponential function   Symmetry of trigonometric functions
More Arithmetic   Calculus of powers   Logarithm rules   Calculation of triangles
Proportions    Graph of power function y = xn   Logarithm tables   Arbitrary triangles
Graphical representation   Calculus of powers   Computation with logarithms   Navigation