I.iebmann's Method


Lag, current

Lagrange coefficients

Lagrange form of remainder

Lagrange function

Lagrange interpolation coefficient, k-th

Lagrange interpolation formula

Lagrange multiplier

Lagrange procedure Least square fit

Lagrange representation of fluid motion


Lagrange's equation

Lagrange's formula

Lagrange's identity

Lagrange's Interpolation formula

Lagrange's mean value theorem

Lagrange's method

Lagrange's method of undetermined multipliers

Lagrange's remainder

Lagrange's rule

Lagrange's symbols

Laguerre polynomial

Laguerre polynomials

Laguerre polynomials

Laguerre polynomials

Lamina, centre of gravity

Lamina, mass

Lamina, moments of inertia

Lamina, static moment

Land survey

Laplace equation

Laplace equation

Laplace integral

Laplace operator

Laplace operator

Laplace's equation

Laplace's expansion

Laplace's expansion rule

Large, meanings of the word

Largest common measure

Largest/smallest values

Largest/smallest values of a function


Last element of continued fraction

Lattice constant

Lattice point

Lattice Theory of Crystals

Law of atomic heat

Law of Boyle-Mariotte

Law of conservation of energy

Law of constant heat sums

Law of permamence

Law of Poiseuille

Law of reflexivity

Law of refraction

Law of symmetry

Law of transitivity

Law of van der Waals

Laws of indices


Layout of a roof with a ridge

Layout of a roof with a triangular ground plan

Layout of a roof with four faces at different slopes

Layout of the edges of roofs

Leading diagonal component

Leading sign

Leading signs

Leap year

Least square approximation

Least square fit, general approach

Least squares

Least squares

Least squares method

Least squares method and normal equations

Least squares problem, discrete

Least upper bound


Leg of triangle

Legendre polynomials

Legendre polynomials

Legendre polynomials

Legendre polynomials

Legendre Polynomials, recurrence relation

Leibnitz' series

Leibnitz's convergence test

Leibnitz's notation

Leibnitz's rule

Leibnitz's rule

Leibnitz's Rule:

Leibnitz's sequence

Leibnitz's test

Leibniz's theorem






Length of a curve

Length of a vector

Length of a vector

Length of arc

Length of arc

Length of arc of semi-cubical parabola?

Length of Curve

Length of curve

Length of equivalent simple pendulum

Length of n-vector

Length of plane curve

Lenz's Rule

Letter balance

Level curves

Level gauge

Level line

Level lines

Level lines

Level surfaces

Level surfaces

Level surfaces of scalar field

L'Hospital - Bernoulli Rule

Liebmann's averaging process


Lill's rectangular method


Limit curve

Limit for Functions of Several Variables

Limit from interior of interval

Limit function

Limit function

Limit in Case of Several Variables

Limit of a function

Limit of a sequence

Limit of a Sum

Limit operations

Limit theorems

Limit, Concept for Continuous Variable

Limit, concept of

Limit, one-sided


Limitations of proportionality

Limiting absolute error

Limiting Processes

Limiting Processes with Curves

Limiting Processes with Functions

Limiting relative error


Limits of Bounded Monotonic Sequences, existence of

Limits of Sequences

Limits, calculation

Limits, general theorems

Limits, operations with

Limits, products of

Line (arrow, ray, tract)

Line and circle

Line element

Line integral of first type

Line integral of function along curve

Line Integral, definition

Line integral, estimate

Line integral, general

Line Integral, Interpretation in Mechanics

Line Integral, main theorem

Line integral, sign property

Line integral, vector notation


Line Integrals

Line integrals in the plane

Line integrals in the plane

Line integrals in three dimensions

Line integrals of functions of n variables

Line integrals of second type

Line integrals, fundamental rules

Line linking two points

Line of action

Line of discontinuity

Line of discontinuity

Line of intersection of two planes

Line of support

Linear combinations

Linear conductor with external heat conduction according to Fourier

Linear dependence

Linear equation systems, elimination method

Linear equation systems, existence of solutions

Linear equations

Linear equations

Linear equations

Linear equations with more than two unknown

Linear equations, homogeneous system

Linear equations, notation and definitions

Linear equations, solution by elimination

Linear equations, two homogeneous one with three unknowns

Linear expansion

Linear forms

Linear function

Linear function

Linear function

Linear function

Linear growth

Linear growth

Linear heat conductor

Linear homogeneous function

Linear independence

Linear interpolation

Linear interpolation

Linear interpolation

Linear mapping

Linear mapping

Linear part of increment

Linear representation of a resultant

Linear substitution

Linear systems, solution by inverse matrix

Linear transformation of a vector space W over K

Linear/ quadratic interpolation

Lines of force

Lines of support

Lines, notation



Link between roots of a polynomial and those of its derivative

Link between similarity and area

Lipschitz Condition

Lipschitz condition

Liquefaction of gas by throttle cooling

Liquefaction of gases

Liquid pressure

Locating roots

Location of a material point with respect to its environment

Location of planes in space

Loci in space


Locus of intersections of neighbouring curves

Locus of point

Locus, equation

log G(x), difference equation

log G(x), functional equation

log x as a limit

log x tends to infinity

log x when x « +0

log x, definition

log x, functional equation

Log z , definition

Log z, functional equation

Log z, principal value

Log z, values




Logarithm and Exponential Function

Logarithm and Exponential function as Limits

Logarithm base

Logarithm characteristic

Logarithm computations

Logarithm mantissa

Logarithm proportion table

Logarithm rules

Logarithm tables

Logarithm to any base

Logarithm to base a

Logarithm to base e

Logarithm, Addition Theorem

Logarithm, common

Logarithm, Definition

Logarithm, Differentiation

Logarithm, natural

Logarithmic and inverse trigonometric functions, connection

Logarithmic convergence tests for series and integrals

Logarithmic decrement

Logarithmic decrement

Logarithmic derivative

Logarithmic function

Logarithmic function

Logarithmic scale

Logarithmic series

Logarithmic series

Logarithmic series

Logarithmic series, applications

Logarithms, calculation

Longitudinal wave

Longitudinally vibrating solid bodies

Lorentz transformation formulae

Loschmidt's Number

Lower and upper error bounds

Lower limit of set of numbers

Lower semi-continuity

Lower sums

Lower/upper triangular matrices

Lowering of melting point (regelation) of ice

Loxodromic class

LU decomposition

Luminous point