During thirty years in Australia and Thailand, I have written these lines without any intention to address particular readers. I wanted to discover the past and understand events. The book had 12 chapters until my friend Professor Horst Tietz in Hannover read it and said: "And what happened next?" I then published myself an English edition in 1992 with 13 chapters and the title "Survival" . It has appeared recently in German in the publishing house

Nordostdeutsches Kulturwerk

with the same 13 chapters, but with many editorial changes with the title

Von Koenigsberg nach Melbourne /Vertreibung aus Ostpreussen im Dritten Reich

I then decided recently to publish this PAGE in German and English with the original 12 chapters and an Epilogue.

Without the notes of my mother, the documents of my father and a translation of a Bohemian school teacher's history of the village Kolodye, which was organized for me by Alfred Radok's wide Manka, I could only have spoken of my own modest experiences.

Throughout it is now my intention, to present my daughters and grandchildren, and then the next generations, with the atmosphere of this time and not only with facts. Extracts from my own diaries served this purpose very well. The reader should know, that many reflections and details have been taken directly from my diaries of the Fourties and have not been invented in retrospect..Fo example, because my parents considered my sister and myself to be too young, to be well informed, only a study of my father's correspondence with business associates and authorities have given my an insight into the events of the years 1933 - 1939.

Rainer Radok
A. Phanom Sarakhan
C. Chachoengsao
Thailand 24120