Flinders University's Earth Sciences 1963 - 1972

As a past Adelaide and Flinders University Professor of Mathematics and Oceanography, I have read with consternation on a Flinders University Web Page the statement:

Founded in 1973, Earth Sciences at Flinders University is unique in
Australia in offering a range of inter-disciplinary teaching and research on
many aspects of our natural environment. These include the "solid Earth"
(geology,geophysics and marine geoscience) and the "fluids" (meteorology
oceanography and hydrology). The School is associated with two centres of
excellence in Airborne Research Australia and the National Tidal Facility,
and is closely connected with the Centre for Groundwater Studies. These
resources make Flinders one of the pre-eminent centres of Earth Science
activity within Australia.

I owe it to my former colleagues, my students, future staff and myself to present here a range of newspaper cuttings from the years 1965 onwards, collected by my then highly valued secretary Mrs. Betty Parker.

AA Adelaide Advertiser CT Canberra Times SM Sunday Mail WS SA Water Sport
FU Flinders University N News PLT Port Lincoln Times

AA - 16.2.1965 Sea research planned A - 11.9.1967 Aims to find key to Blue Lake mystery
AA - 18.3.1965 Seas may hold key to economy AA - 15.9.1967 Tide prediction by computer
AA - 10.11.1965 S.A. study of ocean problems AA - 21.9.1967 Research on ocean
AA. - 4.5.1966 Scientific watch on S.A. waters AA - 25.9.1967 Fish populations "wiped out"
AA - 18.6.1966 Horace Lamb Centre AA - 5.10.1967 Gales curtain ocean study
AA - 10.8.1966
AA -
Appreciation of SA by Vice President of Russian Academy of Science S.A. study of oceans N - 13.11.1967 Blue Lake again
AA - 11.8.1966 S.A. scientist lauds Soviet AA - 15.11.1967 Lake color research
AA - 16.8.1966 S.A. scientist for Chile WS - 22.12.1967 Relic of the past - Old anchor recovered at Grange
AA - 30.8.1966 Research role for students AA - 2.4.1968 Wife sees her mountain
AA - 14.9.1966 S.A. to chart tides AA - 24.5.1968 S.A. role in ocean research
CT- 1.2.1967 Ocean study could help control our climate AA - 31.7.1968 "Floating Lab" due
AA - 28.2.1967 S.A. study of canyons AA - 8.8.1968 A. soils authority made professor
AA - 2.3.1967 SA man for sea survey AA - 26.12.1968 .Full-time job on the ocean
AA - 21.3.1967 S.A. scientist finds biggest sea canyon AA - 1.2.1969 Tide study has cost $ 100,000
AA - 25.4.1967 Coast bagged by tide gauge PLT - 13.2.1969 To study sea effect on weather
AA - 11.5.1967 Machine to clock waves FU - March, 1969 New development in oceanography
AA - 12.5.1967 Wave study AA - April 1969 Govt. aware of S.E. need
AA - 20.5.1967 Funds 'need' of research N - 14.8.1969 KI may get marine research station
AA - 3.5.1967 Sewer ocean study AA - 12.4.1969 $1,500 as reward
AA - 13.7.1967 Tide survey of continent N - 15.9.1969 Iceberg plan not feasible
SM - 1.7.1967 FISH four steps urged to lift industry in S.A. N - 23.10.1969 20 Flinders members in study party
SM - 15.7.1967 What's happened to our weather
Big 'hot' water bottle guarding S.A.
AA - 4.12.1969 Seeking ocean secrets
AA - 5.8.1967 Computerised ship coming; navigates by satellite    
SM - 9.9.1967 Blue Lake may give up secret    

Details of the many reports, papers and theses during these years are listed in the Horace Lamb Centre Reports in the Flinders Library. My biographies "SURVIVAL" (Bangkok 1992) and "Königsberg - Melbourne/ Vertreibung aus Ostpreußen im Dritten Reich" (Nordostdeutsches Kulturwerk, Lüneburg, 1998) give personal details.

Prof. Dr. R. Radok

(deceased September 2004)

28/3 Mu 13 NongNae 24120 Thailand