Cape York to Cape Van Diemen

When Flinders embarked on the circumnavigation of Australia, he was given by Sir Joseph Banks a copy of the instructions to Commodore Abel Jansz Tasman for his second voyage of discovery, referred to by Alexander Dalrymple, the Hydrographer of the Admiralty, in his Collection concerning Papua,. It was dated January 29, 1644 at the Castle of Batavia, and signed by the Governor-General Antonio Van Diemen, and Vander Lyn, Maatsuyker, Schouten, and Sweers, members of the Council. These instructions are prefaced, with a recital in chronological order, of the previous discoveries of the Dutch, whether made from accident or design, in Nova Guinea, and the Great South Land. Flinders placed many of the names in this document on the Australian map. He also had been given a copy of a chart published in 1663 by Thevenot who said that it was originally taken from that done in inlaid work upon the pavement of the new Stadt-House at Amsterdam.

1. Cape York to Mornington Island 2. Mornington Island to Woodah Island
3. Woodah Island to Cape Hawke 4. Castlereagh Bay to Cape vanDiemen

Forced by the state of repair of the Investigator, Flinders left the North Coast at the Wessel Islands. The remaining section of the North Coast, the North-West Coast and the West Coast were charted by Nicolas Baudin and Philipp.P.King with less exhaustive diary entries.