Coastal Population Recording of Tides 1850 - 1970  
Tidal Panorama Neap Tides  
Spring tides Tidal Ranges and Types  
Fish, Shellfish and Crustaceans Distances to Water Depths ranging from 200 to 5000 m  
Coastal Landforms and Surf Beaches    
Mean Sea Levels: Monthly 1966 - 1968 Filtered daily, January, 1970
Annual means: Salinities Monthly Rainfalls  
  Water and Air Temperatures Global Solar Radiations, Relative Humidities  
Deviations of monthly means from annual means: Salinity , Rainfall Water and Air Temperatures
Deviations from annual means: Global Solar Radiation and Relative Humidities
Most Frequent Wind Speeds and Directions and Non-calm Periods: January April July October
Mineral reserves: Very Large Adequate Inadequate