About IPhO 2011

IPhO 2011, the 42nd International Physics Olympiad, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, during 10-18 July, 2011. Please read the letters below.

IPhO - International Physics Olympiad

January 30, 2010

Subject: IPhO 2011 will be hosted by Thailand

Dear Friends:

The organization of the 42nd IPhO in 2011 was previously claimed by Belgium. Unfortunately, about one month ago, Belgium organizers formally informed the IPhO Secretariat to withdraw from organizing the Olympiad due to substantial shortfall in funding (please read the Belgium’s notice in the postscript). As you may understand, the preparation for a successful IPhO at the current global scale needs at least two years to do planning. It is indeed quite difficult for any potential candidate organizer to take over the organization task in a period of only one year and half.

After active efforts of the IPhO Secretariat, we are very pleased to announce that the 42nd International Physics Olympiad in 2011 will be hosted by Thailand. We would like to express our deep thanks to the Royal Thai Government and the POSN (The Promotion of Academic Olympiad and Development of Science Education Foundation) for their kind and generous support to keep IPhO going. We would also like to express our gratitude to Professor Suwan Kusamran of Thailand for her excellent efficiency and capability in helping us solving the organization problem of the Olympiad.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the coming IPhO 2010 in Croatia.

Best wishes,

Hans Jordens
President of IPhOs

Ming-Juey Lin
Secretary of IPhOs


Date: December 23rd, 2009

Dear president of the International Physics Olympiad,

The organizing committee most strongly regrets to conclude that at this point the organization of the IPhO in Belgium cannot be guaranteed. Despite the enthusiastic response of the entire physics and physics teachers communities, a substantial shortfall in funds can at the moment not be resolved. Therefore, Belgium withdraws from organizing the IPhO in 2011. The organizing committee is willing to assist another country in every possible advisory way to make IPhO 2011 still possible.


On behalf of the organizing committee IPhO Belgium 2011,

Jacques Tempere
President-elect of the Belgian Physical Society

Roger Weynants
President of the National Committee for Physics,
Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium

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