Day 2: 26 April

Today is the day of theoretical examination.


The moment of stress for students had begun. Team leaders, on the other hand, after working hard on the preparation of examination papers, were about to take a mental rest for the whole day with excursion to around Bangkok. Some did not go with the excursion group but took a chance to take a full rest. Leaders worked so hard yesterday. Papers were needed to be translated into a native language of each student so that there would be no linguistic barrier for the completion of their test.


Now it was the turn of team leaders to visit Bangkok National Museum. A leader from team India mentioned that Indian and Thai cultures had many things in common.


We had our lunch at Khun Kung Restaurant. There were a lot of dishes to choose from. (Fortunately for the organising committee, one's stomach has finite volume.)

Students had now been freed (kind of). Many looked drained of energy. It's time for lunch, and more excursion afterwards!


It's shopping time. Leaders went to Siam Paragon and MBK.


Students, from KU Home, and leaders, from Siam Paragon, shared the same excursion destination: Joe Louis Theatre.


At Joe Louis Puppet Theatre, there was a show on the Birth of Ganesha. It was fun and mystifying, the way the puppets were driven into life. After it had ended, Hanuman and Pancakaya came off stage to play with the audience. They were lovely!

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