APhO 2009 update

Dear APhO2009 Team Leaders/Contact Persons,

As the APhO2009 is approaching in a few days time, you may be concerned that there is still state of emergency in Bangkok. In this matter I would like to inform you that the situation in Bangkok is now normal and business goes as usual. The cabinet has decided to keep the state of emergency to ensure non-recurrence and it will be for the shortest period. For more information you may like to visit the website of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs at http://www.mfa.go.th.

I would also like to add that the venue of APhO2009 is mainly in Kasetsart University which is in the suburb of Bangkok, quite a distance from the city and from the Government House. The University is guarded 24 hours by University security officers and student participants will stay in a University's residence hall.

In case of unexpected incidence, which is most unlikely, we will keep them inside the university area. The Organizing Committee also has student volunteers and staff taking care of all participants all the time. Please be informed that we consider the safety of participants to be of utmost importance and will never allow any risk to happen.

I hope this information will help you, your organization, your team members and their families understand the situation in Bangkok and the safety policy of the Organizing Committee.

Yours sincerely,

Suwan Kusamran
Secretary, APhO2009 Organizing Committee

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