APhO 04, April 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand

Problems and Solutions to both theoretical and experimental papers of the fourth Asian Physics Olympiad which was held in April 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand.

APhO2003_coverpg_theory.pdf92.4 KB
APhO2003_theory_prob1.pdf87.62 KB
APhO2003_theory_prob2.pdf94.88 KB
APhO2003_theory_prob3.pdf72.48 KB
APhO2003_theory_sol1.pdf83.83 KB
APhO2003_theory_sol2.pdf87.12 KB
APhO2003_theory_sol3.pdf75.64 KB
APhO2003_coverpg_exp.pdf94.25 KB
APhO2003_exp_prob1.pdf107.54 KB
APhO2003_exp_prob2.pdf153.75 KB
APhO2003_exp_sol1.pdf106.07 KB
APhO2003_exp_sol2.pdf83.23 KB

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