APhO 12, 1-9 May, 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Problems and Solutions to both theoretical and experimental papers of the twelfth Asian Physics Olympiad which was held in Tel Aviv, Israel. Apart from Theory no. 1 (Shockley-James paradox), the rest of the problems are rather hard!

(1) shockley question.pdf363.93 KB
(1) shockley answer form.pdf217.15 KB
(1) shockley solution.pdf285.68 KB
(1) shockley marking scheme.pdf230.02 KB
(2) door question.pdf355.1 KB
(2) door answer form.pdf274.86 KB
(2) door solution.pdf370.87 KB
(2) door marking scheme.pdf323.39 KB
(3) balloon question.pdf429.25 KB
(3) balloon answer form.pdf309.26 KB
(3) balloon solution.pdf509.61 KB
(3) balloon marking scheme.pdf322.59 KB
(1) magnetic question.pdf552.51 KB
(1) magnetic answer form.pdf402.6 KB
(1) magnetic solution.pdf1.36 MB
(1) magnetic marking scheme.pdf407.87 KB
(2) optic question.pdf553.72 KB
(2) optic answer form.pdf300.08 KB
(2) optic solution.pdf1.02 MB
(2) optic marking scheme.pdf323.92 KB

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