Day 3: 27 April


Right after breakfast, it was about time to go out. We went to temples: Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Pho. Buses were going to leave KU Home soon. On the way, we were a bit surprised by traffic jam.


At last, after we had been through all the jams, we arrived at one temple called Wat Phra Kaeo, according to our guide. We saw the Emerald Buddha and the Three Pagodas, where a lot of tourists were taking photographs. Two statues of giants were also popular. Along a passageway, there were murals, telling stories from Ramayana. We also visited Chakri Maha Prasat Palace. Unfortunately, some of us were not able to go in. Visitors wearing T-shirts, jeans, and sandals were not allowed inside. For women, skirts needed to be long enough to at least cover their knees. They could borrow a long piece of cloth if necessary, however.


We had lunch at Khun Kung Restaurant.


We went on to Wat Pho. It was raining hard. Some of us no longer wanted to get off the bus. There was a huge statue of sleeping Buddha. Guides showed us one particular way of making merits—putting coins into 101 bowls, which was believed to extend the donator's life to as long as 99 years. We began to be tired after an hour of walking. It was time to go back to KU Home.


It was just four in the afternoon when we were back to our accommodations. Let's play football!

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