Special Awards

Overall Winner

China: Mr. Lei Jin

Best Solution in Theoretical Examination

China: Mr. Xiong Zhaoxi

Best in Experimental Examination

Indonesia: Mr. Winson Tanputraman

There are 22 gold medalists, 13 silver medalists, 16 bronze medalists, and 22 honourable mention awardees.

Rank Title Name Team Medal
1 Mr. Lei Jin CHN Gold
2 Ms. Shi Handuo CHN Gold
3 Mr. Guan Zixuan CHN Gold
4 Mr. Isarapong Eksinchol THA Gold
5 Mr. Cheng Zhengqian CHN Gold
6 Mr. Winson Tanputraman INA Gold
7 Mr. Hu Zhe CHN Gold
8 Mr. Xiong Zhaoxi CHN Gold
9 Ms. Lin Qian CHN Gold
10 Mr. Thanapat Worasaran THA Gold
11 Mr. Wei-Cheng Kuo CHT Gold
12 Mr. Yu-An Chen CHT Gold
13 Mr. Lun-Kai Hsu CHT Gold
14 Mr. Hsiao-Yi Chen CHT Gold
15 Mr. Nai-Lun Hsu CHT Gold
16 Mr. Zhang Sizhuo CHN Gold
17 Mr. Jirawat Tangpanitanon THA Gold
18 Mr. Fong-Tse Shieh CHT Gold
19 Mr. Shih-Hsun Chen CHT Gold
20 Mr. Weerapat Pittayakanchit THA Gold
21 Mr. Saranapob Thavapatikom THA Gold
22 Mr. Dzuhri Radityo Utomo INA Gold
23 Mr. Nakarin Lohitsiri THA Silver
24 Mr. Itamar Hason ISR Silver
25 Mr. Thipok Rak-amnouykit THA Silver
26 Mr. Cong Minh Tran VTN Silver
27 Mr. Hsu-Feng Cheng CHT Silver
28 Mr. Andri Pradana INA Silver
29 Mr. Sahal Kaushik IND Silver
30 Mr. Fernaldo Richtia Winnerdy INA Silver
31 Mr. Sandoko Kosen INA Silver
32 Mr. Thanh Long Pham VTN Silver
33 Mr. Paul Zakharia Fajar Hanakata INA Silver
34 Mr. Veerachart Srisamosorn THA Silver
35 Mr. Zhagsalag Akhyn KAZ Silver
36 Mr. Muhammad Sohibul Maromi INA Bronze
37 Ms. Brigitta Septriani INA Bronze
38 Ms. Surabhi Sachdev IND Bronze
39 Mr. Zhanibek Kaimuldenov KAZ Bronze
40 Mr. Muhammetgeldy Annayev TRK Bronze
41 Mr. Christian George Emor INB Bronze
42 Mr. Ali Ikhsanul Qauli INB Bronze
43 Mr. Hung Tu Dinh VTN Bronze
44 Mr. Geva Sheinvald ISR Bronze
45 Mr. Michael Puzavski ISR Bronze
46 Mr. Hai Bin Chang MAL Bronze
47 Mr. Shachar Carmeli ISR Bronze
48 Mr. Johannes Kevin Nangoi INB Bronze
49 Mr. Shaked Roplewitz ISR Bronze
50 Mr. Vyacheslav Li KAZ Bronze
51 Mr. Hong Anh Vu VTN Bronze
52 Mr. Panawit Hanpinitsak THB Honourable Mention
53 Mr. Or Sela ISR Honourable Mention
54 Mr. Oded Zewi ISR Honourable Mention
55 Mr. Jan Tristram Acuna PHI Honourable Mention
56 Mr. Achmad Rochi Habibi INB Honourable Mention
57 Mr. Xuan Hung Nghiem VTN Honourable Mention
58 Mr. Hairil Anwar INB Honourable Mention
59 Mr. Aldiyar Nurmanov KAZ Honourable Mention
60 Mr. Sameera Chandimal Ramasinghe SRI Honourable Mention
61 Mr. Didar Saparov TRK Honourable Mention
62 Mr. Zhandos Akkuzhin KAZ Honourable Mention
63 Mr. Jirasak Watwittayakoon THB Honourable Mention
64 Mr. Quy Duong Dinh VTN Honourable Mention
65 Mr. Trung Tung Nguyen VTN Honourable Mention
66 Mr. Jun Kai Ho MAL Honourable Mention
67 Ms. Dehiwala Pathirannehelage Udari Tankana Samarasiri SRI Honourable Mention
68 Mr. Binh Minh Pham VTN Honourable Mention
69 Mr. Chaisiri Toomthong THB Honourable Mention
70 Mr. Amir Naveh ISR Honourable Mention
71 Mr. Said Khamidov TJK Honourable Mention
72 Ms. Askar Amangeldi KAZ Honourable Mention
73 Mr. Jinnasit Hongtrakul THB Honourable Mention


The distributions of theoretical examination scores, experimental examination scores, and overall scores are shown below. Each bar represents a number of students having scores in its respective range (0–0.99, 1–1.99, and so on).

Theoretical Examination

Experimental Examination


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